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Figurative Art Paintings

Figurative art represents an image in its realistic form. Real object sources find an artistic shelter in the form of figurative art paintings.Figurative art is inspired by various schools of thought belonging to modern and contemporary art. It generally encompasses artwork that projects human figures or figures of a variety of other species. Figurative art clearly defines the distinction between representational and abstract art. It draws much dependency on mass, shape, texture, volume etc. It is believed that abstract art has had a great deal of influence on figurative art. It expanded and broadened its periphery right through the 19th and 20th centuries. The advent and augmentation of neoclassical art led to new developments in the domain of figurative art and added more dimensions to it. AnYahh, by virtue of showcasing the most popular figurative art, has stamped its authority as a leading figurative art galleryin Delhi.Our artists lay much emphasis on constantly honing their technical and representational skills in order to create new benchmarks in the art industry. AnYahh’s scintillating figurative art collection offers the most compelling and tantalizing source of home decoration which is on display at AnYahh art gallery. You can also buy these figurative paintings online.

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