Art Gives Tote Bags a Fresh Appeal

Tote bags have always remained a necessary accessory, especially for women. Not only are they used to make a strong style statement but they serve the important purpose of carrying essential items while being outdoors. Be it for use as an everyday bag or using it as a grocery bag or carrying computer and other electronic accessories, a tote bag is a genuine fashion cum utility item.
Tote bags are a part of the routine life of many women. While travelling to office or going for an outing women use tote bags to carry books, purses, make-up kits, clothing etc.  It is not just women but these days even business owners, retail outlets, superstores and companies have started taking to the tote bag culture in a big way in order to promote their brand, thereby helping them to expand their business.

The material used for making tote bags comes in a wide ranging variety. It is particularly leather and canvas that is used to make tote bags with heartening designs that add to the visual appeal of these bags, make them more attractive and add to their fashion quotient. Art has also played a significant role in giving a new dimension to the fashion element associated with tote bags. It has given an aesthetic sense to the tote bag culture by transforming its basic characteristic. It gives art admirers, who love sporting art, an opportunity to make art portable through the medium of tote bags. Different genres of art such as abstract art, figurative art, seascape and landscape art etc are used to give tote bags a decorative and aesthetic look so that individuals can use it for the dual purpose of fashion and utility.


These days most designers who design tote bags are incorporating different art forms into their design ideas. This holds true even for famous manufacturers who make stylish and expensive bags for casual and formal use. There is immense fascination for using art designs on different parts of tote bags like pockets, compartments etc.

Thus it can easily be said that the inclusion of art into accessories like tote bags has created a dual effect. On one hand while fashion and utility has gained an artistic feel, in the similar way art has granted a new component to fashion.

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