Samir Sarkar

Art is something which reflects artist`s perspective to the world, to the things and to the people around him and this goes true in case of Samir Sarkar, a renowned artist from Kolkata. With his father being in the army, Samir relocated from one army base to another. This allowed him to explore many cities and its culture, while feeding the budding artist inside him.
His canvases are mostly occupied by human figures wearing a headgear and have a face painted on them which depict the double-faced nature of people. This gives his paintings an authentic sense of reality. He uses layers of acrylic paintings as tempera to create human figures which ornament his canvas. The use of fast colours, gives a definite brightness to the figure he captures.

His figures have a definite inspiration from Egyptian paintings, they are drawn in a similar form, the clothes that they wear a distinctly Egyptian flavor.

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