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When we think of art, the most common image that comes to our minds is either abstract art pieces or complex incomprehensible patterns. Our primary thought when it comes to art always constitutes an image of a perfectly sculpted artwork displayed that probably represents the artists’ innermost desires through arduous symbolism. But we rarely look up to the indigenous genre of art that has been birthed in India and now has been taking the world by storm. 

Devotional art paintings comprise art pieces painted around the mythological and devotional aspect of religion, culture, and folktales that make a compelling case theme for many young acclaimed artists these days. Such paintings infuse deities such as Radha Krishna Modern Art, abstract paintings of lord Shiva on canvas that can be used as perfect decor addition for houses and corporate offices. In this blog, we have compiled a list of how to appreciate the genre of devotional art painting and invest in them to decorate your houses and corporate spaces.


The devotional art genre is exclusively popular in India and is slowly spreading across the world where it’s appreciated for its original narratives and compelling folk theme symbolism. Devotional paintings such as Radha Krishna modern art and abstract Shiva and Krishna have accumulated a genuine devotional following and being the primary deities of the Indian subcontinent, these devotional art pieces have become increasingly popular with the masses and have also accumulated a major fan base spread across the world. 

  • An Art Form That Invokes A Sense Of Spiritualism – Devotional or Radha Krishna’s modern art paintings are known to infuse a sense of spiritualism and peace into the given space. The artwork primarily deals with the ancient and cultural stories and narratives through intricate patterns and symbols with which people can connect and relate with.
  • Paintings Representing Religious Notions And Ethos – Devotional art comprises paintings of religious figures infused with modern abstract notions. Such paintings like Radha Krishna’s modern art and abstract shiva paintings proudly represent the rich cultural heritage of India. Hence such stunning paintings can effectively change the holistic energy of a space by infusing a sense of tranquility and calm followed by a deep sense of grounding and connection with the divine.
  • Perfect Buy For Any Corporate And Personal Space Looking For A Calm Spiritual Set Of Paintings – We have often seen multiple pairings of Lord Buddha adorning the spaces and walls of numerous homes and offices. Buddha was the epitome of zen and calm, hence his paintings exude the same ideology. Similar to this context, Radha Krishna’s modern art paintings also emit a deep awareness of tranquility and spirituality into the space which can be a great decorative addition for people looking for a spiritual setting and establishing a sense of awareness in their surroundings.