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Ganesha paintings- divine art or cute art?

Looking at Shiva painting, or Saraswati paintings or Ganesha paintings, you generally expect people to fold hands reverentially, maybe bow a tad; maybe your heart will be filled with all that is holy and divine and an “Om” might start forming almost near your navel as it is supposed to. But to look at Ganesha paintings and call them cute! My word! And to do that consistently! Now that has got to be blasphemy. He is a God for Gods sake! He is not supposed to be cute or funny- only divine.Well, apparently not.

In Maharashtra, the spiritual home of Ganesha or Ganpati as Marathis refer to him, he is not just a God, but also a friend, a partner in mischief, a cute child, an adorable hubby- what not. I would dare say when it comes to Marathis, Lord Ganesha gives Lord Krishna the run for his money in terms of a cute image. Hence, if someone looks at your recently purchased Ganesha painting as cute, don’t be taken aback. That’s also love, of a very different sort. And those who do not know how much Lord Ganesha is referred in Maharashtra or in parts of Karnataka, might find some of the expressions used for a God intriguing.

If you have a Marathi circle, Ganesha paintings are wonderful gifts, something that will be really appreciated. Ganesha paintings focus on the cute aspect of Lord Ganesha. Many early Ganesha paintings have him playing an instrument or working with tools or reading a book- everyday work. His elephant head and comfortable disposition gives him the ultimate teddy bearish look. Other Ganesha paintings have tried to show off his peaceful and docile side. Lord Ganesha is the ideal son, the much loved friend- cute and lovable.

Of late, with a surge in the popularity of paintings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Ganesha paintings are much in demand. Ganesha paintings are some of the most sold paintings in the world. Copies of the works of Raja Ravi Verma and contemporaries are reproduced on a massive scale. However original Ganesha paintings are available too. They are excellent for your drawing room and give a very different look and feel to the surroundings. The scale of most Ganesha paintings is big, and hence they are perfect for your decoration needs. He is one God who defines the word big, and hence Ganesha paintings tend to be bigger.

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