Krishna Art Brings Novelty to Devotional Art

In the domain of spiritual and devotional art, Krishna art has always stood as a strong pillar. Not just the Indian markets that cater to the art requirements of Indian art lovers, but Krishna art has found a significant amount of space among art admirers from other countries as well who are genuinely influenced and inspired by the life, preaching and philosophy of Lord Krishna. Determination, self-control, compassion, forbearance etc are some of the traits that find an aesthetically thriving space on canvas by means of Krishna paintings. The aura of Krishna is weaved in such a spectacular way by artists and painters that a mere use of colors, brush and canvas leaves an indelible impression of Krishna’s legacy.

There are a range of different facets to Lord Krishna’s life that inspire artists from the world over and lead to a sense of belongingness to Lord Krishna. Krishna spent a major part of his life in woods and meadows which always comes across as an area of much interest for artists. Krishna’s love for music is not hidden to anyone and his flute playing avatar is a matter of great fascination for art makers while for some Krishna’s preaching to Arjuna during Mahabharat has a supreme artistic value.

One of the most sought after aspects of Lord Krishna is the spiritual and romantic quotient associated with his relationship with Radha. Over the years Krishna & Radha art has gathered major attention both for artists and art enthusiasts. The masterly pieces that depict Krishna and Radha designs provide a heartening personification of love. Krishna paintings that reflect the love era of Lord Krishna with Radha is symbolic of pure love and passion. Once an artist decides to give an aesthetic touch to the Radha-Krishna era, a wide array of vivid creative pieces on the canvas that portray the natural beauty of their love become available for art admirers.

Different institutions of Indian paintings that master Krishna art have their own style and pattern of painting Krishna and Radha together. In some Krishna paintings, you may find the divine couple having a quiet time in the woods; some paintings may show Krishna decorating Radha while in some Radha can be seen expressing her yearning for Krishna to him or her friends.

In so far as its decorative value is concerned, Krishna art has all that is needed to add to the beauty of you home and let spiritual vibes fill it with positive energy.

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