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Now where does one find affordable art?

Whenever you decide to live in a decent house- house and not a bachelor pad- one of the challenges you face is to fill up the stark empty walls. Where previously a few posters of Sunny Leone or Salman Khan would have sufficed, punctuated by maybe a Kohli or Tendulkar, a house should have its wall properly decorated. It’s part of the decorum of the house. Art will naturally be the first to come to mind. And, art must come at affordable prices to even think of indulging in.

Now where does one find affordable art? Internet, you would say, rather obviously. Apart from that, there are many local craftsmen and painters who frequent places like the Delhi Haat and local fairs like Surajkund. However, these opportunities are few and far between and might not be always readily available. Further, the fare that these local painters serve might not be what you are looking for. Today art that is in demand is mainly abstract and internet or art galleries remain the only space where one can sample and purchase modern and abstract art. And internet is the only place where one can go for affordable art.

Ever since the internet boom, affordable art has become a rage. Art which is generated digitally and which can be mass produced has become more and more acceptable to this generation who do not have the same inhibitions as people had a couple of decades ago regarding what is good and what is bad art. The current internet generation has realized, and rightly so, that art is art. There isn’t bad or good art. Art need not be perfect and art need not comply to the established notions of beauty and symmetry.

This shedding of the inhibitions has helped bring plenty of new styles and artists in the mainstream. The result- a huge supply of ready art available readily on the internet on the various online art galleries has helped do the impossible- to take combine the words “art” and “affordable” without sarcastic intent. Affordable art is a reality, and it is a booming reality. The talent of thousands of hitherto unknown artists is finding voice and people like you and me are able to indulge in good and proper art without having to sell a body organ or two.

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