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I recently moved to a new house and the first thing that struck me was the amount of wall space available. I tried my best to decorate them with the few photo frames that I had, of my parents, friends, my own (although it has to be said I feel a tad embarrassed doing that). I also bought a couple of posters (my Beatles’ Abbey Road had become frayed, so I needed to buy one again anyways.) I fixed them up, took a step back and surveyed the effect. The effect was rather underwhelming. My friend standing beside me quipped- Dude! You need art, and lots of it. Now where would I find art at affordable rates? Like all things unknown, I googled it. And I was introduced to the world of art and paintings online for the first time. And I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.

When I went to have a look at paintings online, the first thing that struck me was the cost. Now, we all know or have known that art is synonymous with the word expensive. When one says paintings, the average layman generally things Picasso or Rembrandt etc. Off course you can’t buy them . So you go in for the cheap mass produced copies of the original, available on every footpath and traffic junction across India. The end result is, well, sad! In Bengal we have a saying- To make do with curd when you originally craved some milk. The modern, aspirational man like me won’t like to do that. We know what we want and we generally get it. So if I want art, I will get art. And looking at the paintings online, I realized that not only can I do that, I can do that without blowing a sizable hole in my pocket.

Today there are so many online art galleries that the talent at your disposal is immense, as is the versatility and level of art. While online galleries have allowed people like me to indulge in art, it has also allowed hitherto unknown artists to express themselves, providing an outlet to their incredible talent. Off course, one question will always arise. What to buy and from where? Having gone through the process myself and made a few mistakes and learnt, I might offer a few insights and tips about how to buy paintings online.

  1. Go for an established studio. Off course I am not asking you to go for a world famous one, but one which at least has a physical ground presence too. It is very important that the gallery or studio should come up on the very first page of your Google search which says “buy paintings online”.
  2. Choose a local studio if possible. That shouldn’t be a problem if you are living in a metropolitan city or even a large city.
  3. Go for abstract. They are in vogue and the thing with the “indescribable” is they escape the caustic scrutiny from the odd friend or relative. Abstract designs are also very modern in their appeal.
  4. Go for large paintings or over-sized paintings while buying paintings online.
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