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Popularity of Krishna paintings

Krishna is all around us. Krishna is the avatar of Vishnu, the keeper of this universe and Krishna is a keeper himself. In the pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, he is not just the most popular, he is almost several Gods mixed into one. He is also the closest to fantasy of the ideal man. Off course Shiva might claim to be the perfect alpha male. But in 21st century Hinduism, the preferences and perceptions are undergoing a sea change and the image of a powerful but unconcerned and aloof individual is no more an aspiration for the average Hindu. Krishna on the other hand is more human and humane than other Gods and possesses qualities of many other Gods like Indra(combative), Kamdev(flirtatious), Vishnu(astute and judicious), Shiva(brave and fearless) etc. His life is a lesson in itself and the fact that he met a mortal end only helps to bring him closer to us mere mortals. He is as close to you or me as any God can possibly be.

Krishna paintings are a favorite among the masses. They appear on calenders, on wall art, on expensive canvases, on miniatures and even as tattoos. Krishna paintings are also one of the most sort after paintings for household decorations. Different online galleries these days who sell inexpensive art go big on Krishna paintings. Be it baal Krishna, or the adolescent flirtatious Krishna or the eternal love story of Radha-Krishna, Krishna paintings have a charm of their own.

Krishna paintings are also much in demand for dec

orating public spaces and in the hospitality industry. Paintings of Indian Gods and Goddesses, made famous by Raja Ravi Varma during his time, continue to dominate the scene when it comes to choice of paintings. Among them Baal Krishna is particularly sought after. Many believe keeping a Krishna painting in the house will keep the family safe, while others consider Krishna paintings a sign of prosperity. Many have Krishna as the family deity. In keeping with modern expression and tastes, many prefer keeping a painting and not an idol or photograph.

One might ask why Krishna commands so much affection. Apart from the reasons given above, Krishna is also the de-facto God of love and romance. He is also symbolic of all that is ingenious and hip in our lives. His life as the king of Dwarka, his childhood exploits, his adolescent tales of love and gaiety and his role in the Mahabharata- all this makes him an almost human hero.It is no wonder then that Krishna paintings will be so sought after.

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