Anand Dabli

Hailing from Nagpur, Anand’s paintings are a process that allow him to reach close to the unseen and unheard part of nature, it is a sincere effort and an experiment to represent the artist’s imagined world. We all see nature, its beauty and experience it through our senses. The artist, however, observes the magnified version of nature where the colours exists, but in the form of tiny particles fragmented and distorted, He sees the texture, the tone, the line, the beauty in a fascinatingly distinctive way. His painting is full of his love for nature. He depicts this in thousands of small tiny forms, shapes, tones and textures, and each of them has a meaning for him. Through his canvas, Anand expresses his unconscious behavior governed by the intense relationship of his world dominated by nature and art.

For him, art is a daily ritual. He is uncomfortable not painting even for a day. Such is his love.

Ananad prefers to use soothing and sober colours and a blurry effect that give his work immense depth and distinct texture.

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