Anil Gaikwad

Anil Gaikwad is a painter for whom other mediums of art are not a restriction but new sources of his creative expressions. He has created many sculptures in ceramic, glass, paper-mâché, metal and other mediums with full vigour and vitality. Experimentation and artistic creativity are very important for him. His expressions and creativity select their own mediums. Here is a painter who has basic urge to paint freely, who works through distortions and transformations. To put it critically, we may say that the dilemmas, apprehensions and obscurity of our times are revealed in Anil Gaikwad’s work. The roots of socio-political decay underlies in his strokes. The colors often discarded, have found worthy place in his canvases. Let us encounter with the world created by Anil Gaikwad in Brown, Grey and Black. And in fact, it is this Brown that burns in his subconscious.
He has participated in various solo and group shows in India and abroad, received awards and is a part of prestigious private collections.

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