Dilip Choudhary

Dilip Chaudhary is a renowned Indian artist born in Kolkata, West Bengal. He is very well acclaimed across the globe for his proficiency in arts. He works in diverse mediums like watercolours, oils, however he prefers acrylics over others and hence, most of his works are done in it. His art is known for limited usage of colours, tones and shades. Moreover, he also avoids using contrasting colours which is why most of his works are done using basic single colours like red, blue and green or the classic black and white contrast. A peculiar combination of urban and rustic life appears as one of the best amalgamations to Dilip, and the same are depicted through his works. More so, they deliver a swift transition from past to future and the ever changing lifestyle including that of cities. The old charm of rich cultural cities like Kolkata and Banaras have a beguiling effect on him. He attempts to evoke nostalgia by painting these cities in their full glory and golden times.
Dilip’s works are adored by masters of art and usually found in their private collections. He has earned numerous accolades for his works but he is someone who does not sit on his laurels and always strives to create something innovative.

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