Dinkar Jadhav

Over the years, Dhinkar Jadhav’s paintings have changed shape, yet their inner energy remains constant. Like nay true artist, he is filled with insatiable and indestructible energy of creativity that makes him strive for the yet undiscovered frontiers of creation. Dinkar’s anguish to express his feelings on the canvas transform to ecstasy once it takes tangible form through the colors of his imagination.
Dinkar Jadhav has established himself as an artist who dares to walk on path less trodden. His journey to the romantic yet challenging places of creative excellence began with the Ashwa Chitramala (the horse series). His horses reflect fierce passion which explode through the imaginative use of color and fearless strokes on the canvas. In his newer collections, the colors are bright and gleaming with self-assurance, the brush strokes are gentle yet confident and echoing the spirit of ‘carpe diem’ i.e. seize the day!
He is the recipient of many awards, participated in various solo and group exhibitions and patronized by collectors in India and abroad.

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