The Ever-Increasing Demand for Shiva Oil Paintings

Oil paintings have a way of making their way into the hearts of art lovers with the sheer eloquence of their beauty. The skillfulness and artistic acumen with which an artist uses the canvas to create an inspiring oil painting is something that induces passion in an art enthusiast towards art. This holds very true for all genres of paintings- figurative, devotional, abstract, cityscape, seascape etc.
However, when it comes to the Indian market where religion and spirituality hold much significance, devotional art is looked at not just as a source of aestheticism but reverence as well.

It is for this very reason that Shiva oil paintings are always in very high demand among people in India. The idea of portraying Shiva on the canvas is to give the divine form of the Lord an aesthetic touch. With much dexterity and finesse, an artist is able to lend much charm to the aura of Shiva thereby giving it a life-like feel. Shiva oil paintings are crafted to depict Lord Shiva in a host of his different avatars that include Indra, Rudra, Agni etc. It is also worthy to note that making a Shiva oil painting involves prior research into the various facets of Shiva and hence an artist is always expected to understand it deeply. Transcendence, limitlessness, amorphousness etc are some of the virtues of Shiva that can be interpreted artistically only if the artist has delved much into the minute details of every single virtue of Shiva that he wants to infer on the canvas.  It is not just the virtues of the Lord but also several anecdotes and perspectives surrounding him that artists get influenced with and hence create art-pieces that define historical perspectives, analogical ideas and messages with regards to Lord Shiva.


Traditional and online art galleries constantly try to make sure there is a holistic collection of Shiva oil paintings available with them so that the audience is left with much to choose from. Awe-inspiring and attention-grabbing paintings of Shiva form the perfect source of decoration in your home in order to give it a perfect blend of spiritual and artistic combination. These paintings can also be used as gifts for your friends and family.

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