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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Banaras Ghat Paintings For Your House

Banaras Ghat Paintings

Art has always been dominated by heavy abstractions and the complexity of patterns blended on a canvas. It has been noticed that while our attention always pans towards these particular artworks, we very conveniently overlook the other prominent genres of this branch that are equally wonderful and immersive to look at. Banaras Ghat Paintings have been one such genre that has often been undermined by the dominance of other creative categories. 

Banaras Ghat Paintings emerge as an extended branch of Indigenous and folk art culture that has acquired massive fame in India. Varanasi, being one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world has an element of antiquity attached to it which has been one of the favorite themes of coming of age artists to visualize and paint about. While these paintings offer stunning strokes that display deep symbolism, it does not weaken the fact that these paintings exhibit an assortment of emotions that portrays human nature painted in beautiful vibrant colors and patterns. Let us now discuss five essential points on why people should invest more in Banaras Ghat Paintings. 

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Buy bananas that Paintings 

  • Element of Archaic Intensity – Art always celebrates the vast array of human emotions. One of those primary emotions that have always fascinated the mind of artists is the element of immortality and the ascension of the soul. Banaras Ghat Paintings have a rich portrayal of such human frailty and hence has been regarded as the finest representational artworks to invest in and appreciate.
  • Religious Undertones – Banaras is one of the holiest cities of India have always been regarded as sacred in many Hindu texts and cultures. Even in paintings, the artworks strongly portray the religious undertones of the city and the Ganges that till now have sought reverence in each Indian household. Banaras Ghat paintings, unlike other genres, exude a sense of liberation and uniqueness in an atmosphere and make a perfect decor item for houses that need a hint of spirituality in their spaces.
  • Multiple Themes and Narratives – Banaras Ghat Paintings are rich in displaying multiple themes and narratives that humans can easily connect with. They represent the intensity of spiritualism, religion, peace, tranquillity in an enriching manner. The colors, strokes, and symbolism makes them a unique buy and can assist owners and buyers in expressing their ideas in a more detailed and accurate manner.
  • Deep Symbolism – Banaras Ghat Paintings are known to carry deep symbolism that allows the audience and viewers to establish a personal connection with the paintings. Such paintings are incredibly fluent in provoking insightful thoughts in the mind of their audience with their rich imagery and depiction of the city and its related elements in a complete raw fashion.
  • Thought-Provoking – The ghats of Banaras constitute elements that have long fascinated innumerable painters and artists. The river Ganges, the dilapidated yet archaic tall monuments, the mortality quotient have been one of the favorite narratives of many painters that have helped evoke strong feelings and thoughts in the mind of readers. As a decor item that carries a lot of hidden wisdom, these paintings make a great conversation starter and can make one go on for hours when it comes to deciphering the meaning and intentions behind these beautiful paintings.

banaras that paintings online

How Can Anyahh Art Delhi Assist People In Buying Banaras Ghat Paintings?

AnYahh Art Gallery is the leading art gallery in Delhi that has been consistently working towards celebrating various art forms of India and the world. The gallery at present houses some of the most compelling artworks of 150+ artists and is the only brand in the world that makes art affordable for all. 

  • Largest Collection Of Traditional And Devotional Art Paintings. – AnYahh art gallery efficiently possesses one of the largest collections of traditional and devotional art paintings including Banaras Ghat Paintings along with Radha Krishna and abstract Krishna art figures.
  • Brand That Sells Affordable Art – AnYahh, being the leader in the domain of art and paintings takes immense pride in presenting itself as a brand that sells art that is not heavy on the pockets and is affordable and cost-friendly to purchase and make use of.


Indigenous art genres are one of the most trending artwork category that has been immensely popular with the masses and offers great insight in human psyche thought perspective art and analysis. Visit AnYahh art gallery’s website to witness more of these paintings and browse through the collection to buy the best painting for you office and home.  


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