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Jishu Nag

When one encounters Jishu's work, one is often astounded by the breadth of his vision. The effortless melding of urban and rural elements can sometimes be breathtaking. Though he may draw his inspiration from various sources, they all seem to co-exist peacefully on his canvasses. The seamless coming together of ideas makes for beautiful pieces of art, always. Armed with a BFA from Rabindra Bharati University, Jishu Nag is an extremely fine artist with a vast collection to his credit, spread across Delhi, Kolkata, USA and Japan. He is the recipient of the Nandan Award for Art. He has actively participated in several exhibitions - Oxford, Dehradun and Delhi, Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition, Society of Oriental Art Exhibition, Pachim Banga Rajya Charukala Exhibition and ICAD Annual Exhibition