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Nirakar Chowdhary

Nirakar's love for his abstract depictions of nature and animals is very evident in all of his work, using them as the subject of most of his works, he gives his paintings his own twist with an element of cubism, that attributes to his inspirations, Braque and Picasso. Growing up surrounded by a family of artists, Nirakar has always aspired to be an artist himself . "My art journey started from when i was just a child at that time i focused on art rather than on my studies" Since grandfather was my biggest inspiration. Even though, I do not use a fixed colour palette for my work, I use different strokes for different parts of my paintings. I create smooth, vertical gradients in the geometric shapes for the background to help establish a base for the painting. The backgrounds are usually pastel type shades and seldom interfere with the subject that are usually more vibrant in nature. Playing with the light and dark shades of color creating highlights and shadows to depict the time of day or setting in general. For his fauna (usually the subject of his painting) i opt for textured brush to have them remain as the subtle focal points mixing a few saturated colors to create depth.