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Sukanta Das

Sukanta Das was born in Kolkata, and graduated with Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts from the Rabindra Bharti University, Kolkata. His works are somewhat unique in terms of style & expertise. Juxtaposing the mundane with the exotic, Das’ work is usually figurative. His art speaks for its sensuousness, its precise portrayal of figures, and its simplicity. His pieces have a surreal quality about them, possibly due to the palette he employs. Sukanta draws with mixed media on canvas and is fluent in translating emotions on the canvas His acrylics on canvas are moments captured in time, and have a photo-realist quality. His women, though, are highly stylized, with large droopy eyes, long noses and sharp features. Das often places these women in idyllic garden settings giving his work the surreal and dream-like quality. Sukanta’s works reflect the working of a happy romantic mind. Das received a National Scholarship in 1996, and won an Honorable Mention from the Avantika Art Society, New Delhi, in 2003. The artist’s work has been a part of several solo shows group exhibitions.